Anthony Whyte. Visual Artist.
Gallery of Work
- Found Objects Reborn
- Spiritual Expressions
- Sacred Scapes
- Sculptures
- @sea inland
- Adrift on a fragile earth
- on rag paper
- Flotilla
- Clockeyed
Artists Statement
Curriculum Vitae
The idea for Clockeyed clocks came to me during a Vipassana meditation course in 2009. As an artist I used road and street signs as my medium and wanted to reuse the discarded pieces somehow. I realized that by giving a piece of road sign a function, by making a clock out of it , I could upcycle almost anything into a clock. And so Clockeyed was born. Today I love the challenge of making a clock from random pieces of seemingly useless junk. Clockeyed clocks are now scattered all over the globe and are a small, timely, reminder of the importance that with a little imagination we can all upcycle.